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    • I love there souvlaki, greated with a friendly smile and great survice and always remember my order even after not going there for months.

    • So enjoy your wonderful salads (among the other things!😊) better than than those found anywhere else!😋
      thanks for being there for us!

  1. You guys are great! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful food, you know when I’m there every day for lunch that something has to be right! Keep up the fantastic work, we need more shops like you around!

  2. Undoubtedly the best souvlaki I’ve ever had, I get at least one a week, and the baklava is simply awesome. All the staff are so friendly and the conversation is as good as the food.

    • Actually I think they are a great deal! A lot cheaper for the same size as other places, AND they have a $5.00 small option which is fine for me.

      • I agree, the other thing is their food is freshly made without compromising on quality. Always worth buying a “nice” lunch than a crappy one.

    • I don’t think the price is steep, the souvalikis are good value for money as they’re so fresh, beautifully flavoured, and made on the spot with love and served with a smile. All our office staff buy at least one souvlaki a week. I myself buy the small one every day, for $5. I can’t make it for that, and its fresh, hot and absolutely delicious!

  3. Hello, do you do online orders? Especially interested in your Lountza – we live in Palmerston North, not sure if you courier there. Regards Andrea

  4. The vegetarian Moussaka I tried last week was so good I briefly contemplated turning vegan, but alas I enjoy meat too much. I will return though & promise I will have the some meat free days, you have opened my taste buds to alternatives.

  5. I love Penny’s food so much, I’m now buying a small one every day, as it’s such good value for money, fresh and delicious. Penny is even willing to go the extra mile to custom make it to my taste, by cooking the meat in chilli. And right now I’m on a strict health detox, so I’m having a small salad, without the pita bread (a shame as the bread is divine), no oil or tzatziki, yet it’s still delicious. I look forward to going to ‘It’s all Greek to me’ as Penny and her staff make lunch time a pleasure!

  6. Best souvlakis in town, cooked by the nicest people. What more could you want? The lamb is incredibly tender and you get plenty of it, the pita is cooked to perfection and all the trimmings are great. Thanks guys!

  7. Always great and one of the few things we can all agree on and love as a family… it is our regular…….and they always remember the odd issue re leaving out the onion for one etc.

    All of it is gorgeous…..

  8. I can’t wait to try your food when I am next in Christchurch! my boyfriend is Cypriot and I fell in love with the food when I lived in Cyprus for a few months last year! Souvlaki and haloumi/lountza pitas are my favorite. Wish you had a branch in Dunedin!

  9. I love the food and enjoy it weekly, the service is the friendliest in town. Love stopping in for a chat while im waiting for my delicious food.

  10. Absolutley beautiful have highly recommended to all my work matea, my friends and family. See you on a regular basis!!!!!!!! Friendly smiling staff too

  11. The souvalakis at All Greek To Me are amazing!! best in town by far! I work down the road and normally come every day to get a souvalaki but at the moment I am saving for a holiday so I am bringing lunch to work but I miss my souvalakis alot and the staff! – the staff are absolutely lovely gorgeous people! 🙂

  12. Hands down the BEST Greek food in Christchurch and such a bonus its only a 2 minute drive from home
    You won’t regret visiting Its all Greek to me

  13. ‘Its all Greek to Me” does wonderful catering of finger food, I have ordered Penny’s beautiful Creek food on a few significant family birthdays and the food has made it that more special! Totally recommend, the food is fresh, authentic, and reasonable!

    • Thank you for your request we have now extended our hour we are open till 7 Monday and Tuesday and till 7.30 Wednesday night and now an even later time of 8 on Thursday and Friday. We look forward to seeing you again. X

  14. Thank you so much Penny your wonderful Greek food is outstanding. We had the most fantastic Greek night at our house.
    We will highly recommend you and will definitely be back! So wish you had a shop in Auckland 😊

  15. Dropped in by chance today – was delighted to find a Cypriot Restaurant!!

    And my parents live in Paralimni – so close to Famagusta where the owner is from – I had some spanakopita and dolamdes and pita and tzatsiki – and shared some stories

    Loved It

  16. Went here for a bite to eat on a Friday with my partner the food was really really good one of the best I’ve had in Christchurch. The ingredients were fresh and the meat was cooked perfectly and very tender and the sauce was really good
    Prices were very reasonable to and would definitely go back
    Service was also fast and excellent

  17. Today was my first visit and I’m definitely taking people back tomorrow! The best souvlaki I’ve ever had and lovely service! Thanks so much.

  18. Grecian delightful!!! Your food took us to Greece!!! Every bite a delight. Unbelievable flavors. Recommend to everyone to go and try your food. Amazing staff, so helpful and friendly. Made me feel like a friend of the family….and food was absolutely awesome. Can’t say anymore but thank you. P.K.

  19. I took the biggest souvlaki. The taste is great! I enjoyed eating. The taste that you want more and more! But the size was not impressive.

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